Providing robust protection for your production. 



Executive Security Consultancy can provide high-level security teams for the safety, security and smooth running of your film set production. Our film set security teams can provide you with peace of mind while you carry out your work, assisting you with any security and non-security related issues working 24/7 around the clock. Our film set security teams can provide security for your staff, equipment and cast while leaving you relaxed to carry out your busy schedule. When required, our teams at Executive Security can aid you with site management, marshalling the vehicles, cast and crew around a potentially dangerous film set. Our operatives can also aid site parking, removal of unwanted paparazzi and any unwanted attention to your production. Our operatives will carry out crowd control and management of personnel to aid the smooth work of your production, leaving you free to work with peace of mind. 



Executive Security Consultancy can also provide open source intelligence into any unwanted attention to your production, monitoring relevant media, fan and social media sites for any malicious or unwanted attention. 


Should you require it, a comprehensive risk and threat analysis assessments and a subsequent security plan can be carried our by our security directors, ensuring correct man-power, management and best security practice is carried out at your chosen site. Executive Security Consultancy can build a rapport with local authorities to aid minimal interference while your work is carried out. 



Executive Security Consultancy offer night security for your film set assets, securing your set, people and equipment aren’t subject to any criminal activity, keeping your valuables secure and preventing any unwanted press leaks. 


Executive Security Consultancy also offers close protection services for your important assets, ensuring their safety while you complete your production. 

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