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Executive Security Consultancy provide high quality security solutions across maritime industry delivering an unrivalled professional service.

We offer a range of services including risk mitigation, counter-piracy protection teams, security for Gas & Oil Projects and recruitment solutions through the provision of highly trained foreign national security personnel.

Our company ethos combines a UK maritime Special Forces heritage with a wealth of experience in the commercial maritime security domain and a sound understanding of the evolving changes within the maritime security market; this understanding is the driving force behind our focus to deliver high quality maritime security solutions, with proven skill sets tailored to the specific needs of global maritime security.


The on-going threat and ever evolving risk of piracy requires only the most experienced and highly skilled vessel protection teams. Our teams consist of personnel whom are former Elite Maritime Special Forces handpicked from around the globe and individually vetted before embarking on our counter-piracy course. All of our personnel conduct our services according to the guidance given IMO Circulars 1405 & 6 Rev 2, 1408 and 1443 regarding Private Maritime Security Companies and BIMCO GUARDCON and Rules for the Use of Force (RUF).



Executive Security Consultancy offer armed Super Yacht Vessel Protection Teams which comprise of former UK Special Forces primarily from the Special Boat Service and Maritime Counter-Terrorism units.

At Executive Security Consultancy we also offer a security chaperone service for owners their guests and crew allowing them to relax in a worry free environment. Our confidential and discreet security chaperone Service includes close protection, travel management, Itinerary management, crisis management and venue emergency and evacuation coordination.

Our security chaperones have the specialist expertise and past experience to pro-actively respond to a wide range of scenarios and emergency situations thus reinforcing the client’s security and ensuring safety.

All of our security teams are supported by our dedicated operations centre, with the aid of vessel tracking and advisory services that operate in compliance with current appropriate industry standards.


At Executive Security Consultancy we use cutting edge marine-grade covert tracking systems to track our client’s vessels and to assist our Vessel Protection Teams in our mission to prevent piracy and acts of terrorism.

All vessels and current threats are monitored by our dedicated operations of team of former UK Naval Intelligence Officers 24hrs a day 7 days a week. If there is a threat which poses a risk to your vessel our operations team provide advisory services to the captain, company security officers and operations departments.

Executive Security Consultancy have an immediate interface to the maritime authorities which enforces our ability to analyse and predict movements, identify potential threats and evaluate trends of pirate action groups around the world.

This accurate maritime intelligence, enables our company to provide superior transit protection through high-risk areas.



Executive Security Consultancy offer specialist and professional advice to oil & gas companies on risk mitigation; we provide risk assessments and security for static and mobile assets located worldwide.

ESC are committed to providing and maintaining the highest standards in all upstream and midstream activities.


ESC offer asset retrieval services to locate and help recover stolen or miss- appropriated property worldwide. Vessels for repossession, individuals for repatriation, each has a unique method and strategy for operational success.

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