The provision of up-to-date specialized Self defence, physical fitness and awareness training courses
designed for the general public.

With the increase of moped gangs we have seen a surge of theft, robberies and violent crimes escalate.
The new brandishing weapon used these days are Blades- Knives, swords, meat cleavers and machetes, acid attacks and firearms.

With this in mind Executive Security Consultancy has developed a Personal Defense Course for the general public. The Self Defence Course is designed to teach normal everyday people with different biotypes techniques to enhance their awareness to possible threats enabling them to maintain self-control, evaluate and defend themselves in any potential or actual hostile situation.


Understanding the Criminal mindset 

Understanding the 4 stages of awareness

Understanding the three different levels of threat

Why verbal defence is vital

Defence and recovery Techniques to get back to safety

Physical fitness and conditioning  





Q: Where do you run the ESC course?
A: We run the ESC courses at your company or business as this is suitable to your working environment as well as the Roger Gracie Academy HQ


Q: How much space is needed to train?
A: Bigger the space the better. However we can work around most spaces whether it be an office space, car park or could even be at a local gym studio. Ideally a clutter free area to prevent accidents. Level 1 can be done at the workplace/ Level 2 can be taken place in the workplace and at the Roger Gracie Academy HQ/ Level 3 would be solely done at Roger Gracie Academy due to the use of equipment to simulate practical Self defence Situations and Health and Safety purposes


Q: What should the participants wear during the ESC course?

A: As long as it’s comfortable and flexible enough to not restrict your movement. Also don’t mind getting sweaty. E.g. T-shirt, pants or shorts (General gym wear)


Q: Does the company need to supply any equipment for the courses?
A: ESC will provide all the necessary training equipment for the courses

Q: Is there a min & max number of participants for a course?
A: We require a minimum number of 10 participants at one of our corporate training courses in London and no higher than 30. This gives us ample opportunity to provide comprehensive teaching. Two instructors will be present at all times with occasional big groups we will have three instructors on the course.


Q: How much do the ESC courses cost?
A: Please email for information on the price of the ESC course


Some of our corporate clients cover the entire cost for their staff. However, where companies do not have a large enough training budget they are entitled to a subsidised rate. 


Whole course paid up front is £4500 for 15 weeks of ESC’s intensive Corporate Self defence and Physical Training course

However their is an additional cost for 15-30 participants is a 20% cost increase.


Q: What is the duration of the course?

A: The workshop duration is 1–1.5hours per session depending on numbers attending. 

Each Level is four sessions which will give your colleagues and yourself ample time to go over the techniques.

The course duration is 15 weeks.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel a course more than 4 weeks before the workshop start date, we will refund the amount you have paid.
A:If you cancel within four weeks of the workshop start date, we will refund 50% of your payment.
Executive Security Consultancy reserves the right to cancel at any time prior to commencement due to unforeseen circumstances or insufficient numbers. However, we will endeavour to ensure workshops are held on the committed date 

Q: How many workshop levels are there?
A: There are three levels. 

Level One - 4 Hours in total

Level Two - 5 Hours in total 

Level Three - 6 hours in total 


You can book the First session of the Level one course for the price of that one session. 

The first session is a 90 minute session, or you can book Level One as its entirely. 

The first is the introductory Level One. Upon completion, you can decide whether to introduce Level Two..

However Level One needs to be completed before commencing Level Two, as this is a progression course.

Level One is focused on the introduction and application of simple, practical and effective self-defence techniques and against Physical Attacks. As well as understanding Travel Security, Environmental Awareness and different levels of threat and procedures. Every participant will have the chance to practice all the techniques.

Level Two reinforces the foundation techniques learnt in Level One. Level Two evolves the techniques acquired  Level One, with participants learning to apply the techniques with quicker response times and effectiveness as well as learning defenses against Grabs, Chokes and Holds.

Level Three is a deeper understanding of Level One and Two and introducing Modern day weapon defense (knife etc.) as well as Ground Defence and Recovery.

Whether it be a mugging, assault, terror attack...


Q: Do you have to be fit to do the course?
A: Through the Training course you will develop methods to get fit and stay fit.
Looking after oneself is a lifestyle. Be strong, fit and confident.
End of the day most attackers are looking for an easy target. 

If you are interested in our courses or would like further information regarding our training please do not hesitate to contact Director and Training Specialist Nick Wood with any queries you may have. 

MOBILE 07920127038 

OFFICE: 02080128502