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Neel Chakrabarti is an experienced lawyer with a demonstrated history of working on high profile cases. A former intelligence analyst for the metropolitan police with expertise in financial crime, behavioural analysis and counter terrorism. As an intelligence analyst he was a pioneer in open source research on gangs and organised criminal networks and was the key analyst for a number of successful undercover operations. He then became a criminal lawyer with a focus on murder, drugs and financial crime. He is also well versed in corporate, family and intellectual property law and has been an outside consultant to individuals and companies in complex cases.


He currently specialises in crisis management for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and threat assessment for celebrities and political figures. He is a subject matter expert for all cases involving asset recovery, counter terrorism, cyber security, due diligence, counter kidnapping operations, extortion and bribery cases. Neel adopts an intelligence led multidisciplinary approach to investigations drawing on his knowledge in international law, psychology, behavioural economics and military strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.

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