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Executive Security Consultancy is a special projects company, organised to deliver a variety of discreet professional security services. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a bespoke solution to meet your specific requirements. We will assist you in quantifying risks to your business, assets or personal security and recommend the appropriate solution or support mechanism to manage those risks. We have the experience and expertise to operate in the most challenging environments. Once we have formally agreed to provide a service it is our business, our obligation, our duty, to deliver that service.

Our experience in developing or volatile world scenarios, the best solution is often an indigenous solution. We maintain a network of trusted local contacts globally to facilitate our operations and to maintain our constant situational awareness.

We are able to operate discreetly independently or to take advantage of relationships with in-country organisations, local security providers or individuals on the ground as the situation dictates.

Executive Security Consultancy's land security division operates with a particular focus and sound operational capability to deploy for operations or assignments in Africa, the Middle East and Central or South America in particular. We recognise the challenges for organisations operating in developing nations or volatile regions and the need to protect your people, assets and operations by effectively managing risk in difficult, extreme or potentially fast changing situations

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