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Close Protection is the term used for bodyguarding which relates to all aspects of private security.


Executive Security Consultancy offer a range of highly professional bodyguard and close protection services within the UK and overseas. At Executive Security Consultancy we recognise your personal protection, security of your family and protection of your assets are of the highest importance leaving you free to carry out your daily life feeling safe and secure. The UK private security market is expanding rapidly with more wealthy individuals hiring close protection and security services due to the rapidly increasing rates of violent crime and terrorism. Hiring close protection operatives can aid you not only feeling that you and your family are safe, but also aid you with your daily routines. Our close protection operatives are not solely there for your security but are also capable and experienced in offering administrative services to aid your daily routines and lifestyle. At Executive Security London we offer a comprehensive threat and risk assessment to provide the correct close protection service tailored personally to you as an individual.


Executive Security Consultancy offer highly professional bodyguards and personal protection services in London and further afield who have a wealth of experience in the UK and overseas. Whether you require a bodyguard for a day service, for a private event, or a whole team of professional close protection bodyguards, we can provide you with the best the security industry has to offer. Our close protection bodyguards are all widely experienced working with high-net-worth families, foreign Royal Families and VIP’s both in the UK and abroad. We have a number of bi-lingual close protection officers to suit your individual protection requirements. If you wish to hire a bodyguard for your time within London, we have a number of close protection bodyguards with an excellent working knowledge of London to aid your lifestyle. Executive Security Consultancy close protection operatives are not just there solely for your personal security, but can also be utilised as assistants for your busy lifestyle: making reservations, collection of shopping and other important items and other day-to-day activities to aid your lifestyle. We offer a 24/7/365 security service to suit your needs.


If you believe you require the services of a bodyguard or team of close protection operatives, we have a range suited personally to you and your individual lifestyle. We can also provide a range of other protective services such a security drivers, residential security teams and surveillance operatives to suit your requirements. Call Executive Security Consultancy London today for a review and quotation.

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