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Bodyguard Close Protection Service London


The Executive Security Consultancy (ESC) fully understands the need to protect and safeguard your company and executives and has a comprehensive set of solutions for every situation. Our close protection operatives (CPOs) and analysts are highly trained professionals with backgrounds in Military, Special Forces and Police. Experienced experts in their respective fields will give close support to your company and executives at the tactical, operational, and strategic level.Our senior executives have decades of experience in the banking, government, military, legal and corporate sectors and are highly qualified to provide you with accurate and actionable intelligence on all aspects of risk via individual reports or daily up-dates sent directly to your inbox.


Your ESC team will be there for you in high-impact situations and will diligently plan & execute all necessary steps with military precision and great agility. Whether you are facing grave situations caused by terrorism, abduction, extortion, extreme weather conditions, or political turmoil ESC is an expert in EMERGENCY REPATRIATION & EXTRACTION.



Leveraging ESC’s unique combination of in-house PR, media, surveillance, social media, and technology expertise, we will build, maintain, and recover your company’s.

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