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Maritime Asset Recovery Service London



Our senior executives have decades of experience in the banking, government, military, legal and corporate sectors and are highly qualified to provide you with accurate and actionable intelligence on all aspects of risk via individual reports or daily up-dates sent directly to your inbox. ESC’s team provides you with analysis across the entire threat spectrum and will produce surveys and make recommendations on how to significantly reduce threats in situations of political and civil unrest, terrorism and armed conflict, piracy, and maritime incidents.


ESC will work to create a safe environment in your home, company, or any other location by assessing, implementing, and managing every aspect of surveillance or counter surveillance by applying latest methods and processes. This could require, for example, the use of drones and other technical surveillance tools relating to eavesdropping attacks. Our team has experience in all types of surveillance relating to computers, cameras, social networks, biometrics, aerial, corporate, data mining and profiling. 

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