Executive Security Consultancy has the capability of facilitating the search and recovery of assets from a business or individual globally. Executive Security Consultancy work with specialised legal teams to find and either freeze or recover stolen or illegally obtained assets. This service can be carried out globally, returning the assets to its rightful owner. 

Executive Security Consultancy are able to work through complicated multi-national jurisdictions to find missing assets using a series of professionals ranging from legal teams, forensic accountants and private investigators. These teams operate globally and have an excellent track record of asset recovery using investigative and technology based services. 

The teams provided by Executive Security Consultancy will work with clients legal teams to identify and recover assets, which may be hidden through a series of offshore bank accounts or laundered through property or companies. Executive Security Consultancy has a global reach, with experience and knowledge of international jurisdictions allowing us to trace missing assets and carry out the subsequent recovery.