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Executive Security Consultancy providing clients with security and peace of mind during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Asset Protection for your properties, assets, business's and employees

COVID-19 has disrupted many essential services and created significant uncertainty and insecurity in many areas of business and services.


Due to increased demand of certain commodities alongside increasing uncertainty and unemployment, increased threats of thefts and robberies are expected in the coming months, particularly in areas of business such as food distribution, personal protective equipment (PPE) and pharmaceuticals. Police reports have recently indicated an increase of burglaries in some areas of services which are in high demand during the ongoing crisis. 


Executive Security Consultancy has a reserve of available security officers ready and willing to cover asset protection tasks to secure your business, property and assets during this period. 


Should your business require security services to secure your assets in the coming months, ESC can provide protection with our ex-military personnel. 


Due to the ongoing crisis, ESC will offer our asset protection services at a 10% discounted rate. 

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