The ESC Unarmed Conflict Control Management Training course is designed for Close protection officers (CPO’s) to be up to date in conflict control management and de-escalation procedures against modern day nuisances and threats. Our Job as a CPO is to protect the Principle. Therefore, it is paramount that we excel in all areas of the role as a CPO. Even when a physical threat presents itself, we must know what immediate steps and react without hesitation.


Our Specialized training courses give CPO’s the right skill set to deal with all possible modern-day threats. The outline of the ESC Unarmed Conflict Control management and situational awareness training course is outlined below:


Set Task: Protect the principle.

SECURITY AWARENESS - Module One - 4 hours 


Security Awareness

Understanding and recognizing a potential nuisance or threat and implementing exit procedures to safety

Solo and Teamwork simulations

  • Spatial Awareness - Understanding Colour codes of Awareness and the environment e.g., Understanding Observation Arcs, obstacles/barriers, advantage points, improvised weapons/defences

  • Body Language - Understanding postures and behavior of a potential threat and intrusion
    Ready position/posture - Conflict control readiness

  • Distance control management - Understanding movement and distances between you and the potential threat using verbal Defence and deescalation procedures

  • Basic Fitness and conditioning training - Specific Mobility and functional fitness training


  • Exit Strategies - Getting your client to the Safe Zone procedures (Rapid response)

- Body Shielding (Frames) tactics to provide space to escort Principle to Vehicle or safe location


  • ESC Post Incident/Statement Writing - understanding of how to conduct yourself during a post incident report or statement of evidence (SOE) which may have to be given to the police.


Cost of Module 1 course: £140


CONFLICT CONTROL LEVEL 1 - Module Two - 6 hours 

Conflict control level 1 -

Understanding and applying concepts for defusing/disengaging from a potential nuisance/threat

Solo and teamwork simulations


  • Levels of threat - understanding the three levels of threat and how to manage them


  • Intercept and redirect an approaching potential nuisance/threat - Strategies and techniques to intervene and maneuver an approaching threat


  • 360-degree defense - Dealing with an unarmed attack/approach e.g., Blocking and redirecting the threat


  • Defense against pushes and grabs - Neutralize potential threat and control distance


  • Control and restraint techniques from standing position - Head locks, Arm locks, Wrist Control

  • Defense and control against pushes and grabs - Neutralize threat by Restraint

  • Stand up Wrestling - Improving your position for control and or disengagement in a close quarter threat

  • Specific Training - intermediate Fitness, conditioning and Stress test Scenario training - intercept/redirect/block and control against unarmed threat - Conflict control against a violent attack


Cost of Module 2 course: £210

CONFLICT CONTROL LEVEL 2 - Module Three - 6 hours 

Conflict control level 2

Understanding and applying implications for Neutralizing, disarming and controlling a physical threat.

Solo and Teamwork simulations


  • Specific Training - Basic Fitness, conditioning and Stress test Scenario training


  • Basic Strikes - To soften up attacker to control/take-down/restrain


  • Basic Take-downs - From the back, foot/leg-sweeps and hip throws

  • Intercept/redirect/block/control and disarm techniques against an armed threat - Conflict control against sharp and blunt objects, firearms and projectiles


  • Unarmed and armed multiple attackers - Understanding position, human shields and teamwork


  • Ground defense and recovery - Gaining back control of the situation, controlling threat and disengagement procedures


  • Specific Training - Intermediate level Fitness and conditioning


  • Stress test Scenario training


Cost of Module 3 course: £210


ESC Unarmed Conflict Control management training course certificate is provided to each participant upon completion.


Course modules can be paid individually,


Module One - £140

Module Two - £210

Module Three - £210


Or you can book the entire course for a discounted rate of £499

£420 for ESC Staff 25% discount


The ESC Conflict Control and Situational Awareness course is an intensive and is based over 3 days. As an executive Security Operator, it is paramount to keep your skill set to an extremely high standard.

This can be done by further training with our refresher Course.