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The ESC unarmed conflict control management Training course is designed for close protection officers (CPO’s) to be up to date in conflict control management and de-escalation procedures against modern day nuisances and threats. Our job as a close protection officer is to protect the principle, therefore it is paramount that we excel in all areas of the role as a CPO. Even when a physical threat presents itself, we must know what immediate steps and react without hesitation.


Our specialised training courses give close protection officers the right skill set to deal with all possible modern-day threats. The outline of the ESC unarmed conflict control management and situational awareness training course is outlined below:


Set Task: Protect the principle.

SECURITY AWARENESS - Module One - 4 hours 


Security awareness 1

Understanding and recognising a potential nuisance or threat and implementing exit procedures to safety

Solo and teamwork simulations

  • Spatial awareness - understanding colour codes of awareness and the environment by understanding: Observation of arcs, obstacles/barriers, advantage points, improvised weapons/defences

  • Body language - understanding postures and behaviour of a potential threat and intrusion
    Ready position/posture - conflict control readiness


  • Distance control management - understanding movement and distances between you and the potential threat using verbal defence and deescalation procedures

  • Basic fitness and conditioning training - specific mobility and functional fitness training


  • Exit Strategies - getting your client to the safe zone procedures (rapid response)

- Body shielding (frames) tactics to provide space to escort your principle to a vehicle or safe location


  • ESC post incident/statement writing - understanding of how to conduct yourself during a post incident report or statement of evidence (SOE) for law enforcement.



CONFLICT CONTROL LEVEL 1 - Module Two - 6 hours 

Conflict control level 2

Understanding and applying concepts for defusing/disengaging from a potential nuisance/threat

Solo and teamwork simulations


  • Levels of threat - understanding the three levels of threat and how to manage them


  • Intercept and redirect an approaching potential nuisance/threat - strategies and techniques to intervene and maneuver an approaching threat


  • 360-degree defense - dealing with an unarmed attack/approach e.g. blocking and redirecting the threat


  • Defense against pushes and grabs - neutralize potential threat and control distance


  • Control and restraint techniques from standing position - head locks, Arm locks, wrist Control

  • Defense and control against pushes and grabs - neutralize threat by restraint

  • Stand up wrestling - Improving your position for control and or disengagement in a close quarter threat

  • Specific training - intermediate fitness, conditioning and stress test scenario training - intercept/redirect/block and control against unarmed threat - conflict control against a violent attack


CONFLICT CONTROL LEVEL 2 - Module Three - 6 hours 

Conflict control level 3

Understanding and applying implications for neutralising, disarming and controlling a physical threat.

solo and teamwork simulations


  • Specific training - basic fitness, conditioning and stress test scenario training


  • Basic strikes - to soften up attacker to control/take-down/restrain


  • Basic take-downs - from the back, foot/leg-sweeps and hip throws

  • Intercept/redirect/block/control and disarm techniques against an armed threat - conflict control against sharp and blunt objects, firearms and projectiles


  • Unarmed and armed multiple attackers - understanding position, human shields and teamwork


  • Ground defense and recovery - gaining back control of the situation, controlling threat and disengagement procedures


  • Specific training - Intermediate level fitness and conditioning


  • Stress test Scenario training


ESC Unarmed conflict control management training course certificate is provided to each participant upon completion.


Course modules can be paid individually,



The ESC Conflict Control and Situational Awareness course is an intensive and is based over 3 days. As an executive Security Operator, it is paramount to keep your skill set to an extremely high standard.

This can be done by further training with our refresher course.

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