SECURITY AWARENESS - Module 1 - 2.5 hours 


The ESC Unarmed close quarter and awareness Training course is designed for today's Close protection

officers to be up-to-date in conflict control against modern day annoyances and threats.

Set Task: Protect the principle.


Outline: Understanding and recognizing a potential threat and implementing exit procedures to gain safety


Spatial Awareness - Understanding Coopers Colour codes of Awareness and your environment

e.g. Observing and recognizing obstacles, barriers, advantage points, potential improvised



Body Language - Understanding postures and behavior of a potential threat and intrusion


Exit Strategies - Getting your client to the Safe Zone procedures (Rapid response)


Basic Fitness and conditioning training - Specific Mobility and functional fitness training


ESC Post Incident/Statement Writing - understanding of how to conduct yourself during a post

incident report or statement of evidence (SOE) which may have to be given to the police.

Cost of Module 1 course: £90


CONFLICT CONTROL LEVEL 1 - Module 2 - 2.5 hours 

Conflict control level 1 -

Outline: Conflict control awareness, readiness and Intervening a potential threat


Ready position/posture - Conflict control readiness


Distance control management - Understanding movement and distances between you and the

potential threat using verbal Defence/de escalation


Intercept and redirect an approaching potential nuisance/threat - Strategies and techniques to

intervene and maneuver an approaching potential threat


360 degree defense - Dealing with a physical attack/approach e.g. Blocking and redirecting the

potential threat


Specific Training - Basic Fitness, conditioning and Stress test Scenario training

Cost of Module 1 course: £90

CONFLICT CONTROL LEVEL 2 - Module 3 - 2.5 hours 

Outline: Understanding the power of teamwork and defusing/disengaging from a potential nuisance/

Power in numbers - Understanding Teamwork and procedures to operate as a team to neutralize
a potential nuisance/threat

Defense against pushes and grabs - Neutralize potential threat and control distance

Defense and control against pushes and grabs - Neutralize threat by Restraint/takedown

Control and restraint techniques from standing position - Head locks, Arm locks, Wrist Control

Stand up Wrestling - Improving your position in a close quarter threat

Basic Strikes - To soften up attacker to control/takedown/restrain

Basic Takedowns - From the back, foot/leg-sweeps and hip throws

Specific Training - intermediate Fitness, conditioning and Stress test Scenario training

Cost of Module 1 course: £120

CONFLICT CONTROL LEVEL 3 - Module 4 - 2.5 hours 

Levels of threat - understanding the three methods to defuse a threat

Intercept/redirect/block and control against unarmed threat - Conflict control against a violent attack

Intercept/redirect/control and disarm techniques against as armed threat - Conflict control against sharp and blunt objects, firearms and projectiles


Unarmed and armed multiple attackers - Understanding position, human shields and teamwork 


Ground defense and recovery - Gaining back control of the situation


Specific Training - Advanced level Fitness, conditioning and Stress test Scenario training

Cost of Module 1 course: £150

If you are interested in our courses or would like further information regarding our training please do not hesitate to contact Director and Training Specialist Nick Wood with any queries you may have. 

MOBILE 07920127038 

OFFICE: 02080128502

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