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The United Kingdom has strict gun laws and subsequently one of the lowest gun-related crime rates in the world since a ban on privately owned hand guns came into force in 1997.  However, crime rates have been rapidly rising across the UK including the highest knife related crime rates ever recorded. Around 10% of the capitals police officers carrying a firearm and 5% of all police officers across England, Scotland and Wales.


In March 2017 an unarmed Metropolitan Police officer was stabbed to death outside the Houses of Parliament in a terrorist attack. The security level in the UK, as dictated by MI5, remains Severe, meaning an attack is highly likely. More recently, on New Year’s Eve 2018 a private security officer working in a club on Park Lane, one of London’s most prestigious areas, was stabbed to death after refusing entry to a group of men. The rising threat levels to security officers, authorities and general public is evident and doesn’t appear to show any signs of reducing. Terror related incidents have risen sharply in the UK and across the EU in recent times.

Increasingly concerned citizens have looked to the private security industry to secure their family, homes, assets and businesses in the increasingly dangerous climate. The UK is one of the few countries which do not allow private security operatives to carry a firearm or any kind of weapon, this includes Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed Bodyguards/Close Protection Officers. To combat these regulations, High Net-Worth Individuals are increasingly demanding their Bodyguards be both ex-military and highly trained in martial arts to ensure their security as best as is reasonably practicable.

Close Protection Officers are required to complete a small amount of mandatory unarmed combat training, however the standards of training are surprisingly minimal and bodyguards are only expected to pass the training once during their initial training. A good security company will ensure their Close Protection Officers are not only fit but also skilled in personal protection and unarmed combat. The protection of clients, good service and ultimately the continued business is paramount to any private security provider.

Executive Security Consultancy believe that being a highly trained martial artist is one of the key competencies in making a complete Close Protection Officer/Bodyguard. Our Officers are all ex-elite military or police units and trained to a high standard in unarmed combat and weapon disarmament as well as first aid and route planning as standard.

The increasing threat in the UK is undeniable and the need for highly trained, competent officers is becoming more paramount with time. Executive Security Consultancy can provide the peace of mind needed for your security through the services of their Security Personnel, highly trained in the necessary skills for the increasingly dangerous climate.

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