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When confronting a threat, as security operatives we place ourselves at risk when protecting the safety and security of our clients. 

Therefore, it is paramount to minimize any form of nuisances or physical threat in a professional yet effective manner. 

ESC provides a no-nonsense and common-sense approach in teaching up to date conflict resolution and physical intervention concepts to protect yourself and your principle whether you are working alone or as part of a team.

All the concepts we deliver on our courses aid close protection officers with a skill set to deploy against any modern-day threats.

As a security professional, it is paramount to neutralize a threat and de-escalate it in the quickest way possible while minimizing any damage to ourselves and the client. We assure that our security teams and course delegates are trained at the highest level in order to conduct physical intervention and conflict resolution when required in their duties.

Following the completion of our close protection officer unarmed combat course it we be upon the operator to maintain and further their skill set. This can come from ongoing physical training by enrolling into our annual refresher course and/or our quarterly open training days.

To be efficient, is to be committed. This in return keeps our reactions sharp for any given time of need.


Our bespoke training courses which are tailored for CPO’s/bodyguards are one of the most well received unarmed conflict control courses on the market for close protection officers operating unarmed. 

We aim to keep things simple and effective while defusing a potential physical threat. Our priority is protection, by doing this we need to be self-sufficient.


ESC also offers courses in certain aspects of conflict where we go deeper in the subject for our participants. Our knife assault survival course is extremely popular for the UK security sector. As knife crime is on the rise in the UK it is vital for all close protection officers to be trained in recognising and dealing with potential threats. 


For further info on our Executive Courses please contact

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