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Providing discreet protection for your family, residence and assets. 



Executive Security Consultancy London provide a highly professional residential security team at your residence for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ensuring the safety and security of your home, family and assets. Executive Security Consultancy can provide the best security team tailored to your personal requirements and security needs. Our residential security teams are all ex-military or police from elite UK forces who will provide a reliable security service, keeping your property secure from illegal activity such as burglaries, criminal damage and squatting. Our residential security teams will provide you with the knowledge that your family and assets are safe from criminal activity whether you’re at the property or abroad, our teams work around the clock to keep your property safe. Residential security teams at Executive Security Consultancy are handpicked for their skills, abilities and professional backgrounds. 



At Executive Security Consultancy, we provide residential security teams to high-end properties throughout London, on a long-term basis, seasonally or for a private event to ensure your safety and security. After a thorough concise security review of your property, showing all vulnerable points a criminal may try to exploit, we then implement the best security procedures tailored to your property and lifestyle. 


Executive Security provide highly trained and experienced residential security teams who are trained in first aid, unarmed combat and are all former military or police. Our residential security teams are chosen for their etiquette and experience within private households. You can handpick their CV’s or we can provide you with the best security team, we as security professionals think you require. A residential security team from Executive Security Consultancy can give you peace of mind that your property, family and assets are all secured. 

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