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ESC provides the best possible security for your NGOs by applying the most up-to-date technology & trends. Our highly trained security personnel will create a safe environment in a discreet and sensitive manner without impacting their day-to-day life. Especially in high-impact situations, ESC will diligently plan & execute all necessary steps with military precision and great agility. Whether your NGOs are facing grave situations caused by terrorism, abduction, extortion, extreme weather conditions, or political turmoil ESC is an expert in EMERGENCY REPATRIATION & EXTRACTION. As part of keeping your NGO’s as safe as possible, ESC has also developed specific safety measure protocols and provides you with unrivalled LANDBASED SECURITY and EXPEDITION LOGISTICS SUPPORT

ESC’s global network and intelligence team is best suited to provide you with the security you require prior and during your trips. We will take care of your pre-travel planning and will provide you with intelligence, due diligence and risk advise every step of the way.

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