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Executive Security Consultancy can provide experienced security drivers in London whether it is on a temporary or permanent basis. Our security drivers can provide you with both the convenience of a chauffeur whilst also providing a close protection service when required. At Executive Security Consultancy we can provide experienced close protection operatives with good London knowledge to ease your travels whilst ensuring your personal safety. Executive Security Consultancy can provide you with a luxury vehicle or our expert drivers can drive your own vehicle if you prefer. With advanced driving techniques, professional etiquette and customer service, our security drivers will leave you feeling relaxed and secure. If you’re seeking a security-trained driver who can also provide discreet and professional close protection services, Executive Security Consultancy can provide you with the best London has to offer. 



All of our security drivers are close protection trained and experienced so will not only drive you safely but also ensure your personal safety at all times, providing a bodyguard service when required. 



Security trained drivers are used for a discreet but professional security service, whether in London or beyond, Executive Security Consultancy can provide you with the best security trained drivers. Our security drivers are chosen for their experience in former elite military or police units, with experience in luxurious vehicles and making correct route selection. A security driver can be provided in place of or complimenting your existing security team, dependent on your existing security measures and current threat level. Contact Executive Security Consultancy to arrange a professional service.

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